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10 Things to See and Do in Bern, Switzerland

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Things to See and Do in Bern.This guide to the sights in Bern will help you to prepare a hiking route through the most charming city in Switzerland and make the most of your time. With a medieval old town declared a World Heritage Site and surrounded by the meander that forms the Aare, Bern is one of those cities in Switzerland where you fall in love at first sight.

Strolling through the streets and squares and enjoying the medieval roofs and arcades that have survived the course of time almost unscathed is a true pleasure for the senses. The most common way to get to Bern if you don’t have a car is by train from Basel or Zurich, which are less than an hour away. Based on the experiences of the two times we visited this beautiful city, the first time on a 5-day trip to Switzerland and the last time on a route through Switzerland by train, we have compiled this list with the 10 places we think you should visit in Bern. We started! 

1. Rosas Garden, one of the things to do in Bern

The Rosenhaven or Rosengarten is the best viewing point and one of the most important sights in Bern. This park, with a beautiful garden, with more than 200 rose and other flowers, is perfect for relaxing and enjoying a beautiful sunset, overlooking the red roofs of the medieval old town.

The garden is situated in an elevated position on a hill, which allows you to see part of the magic that the Aare makes as it moves through the city and the whole natural environment. In addition to a pavilion and a pond, the park also houses the Rosengarten restaurant, one of the best ways to eat in Bern with a view to the city. To reach the garden, you can take bus number 10, which leaves the station, or walk near the historic center. 

2. Street Kramgasse

A stroll through the Kramgasse, the heart of the old town, is one of the most beautiful things you can do in Bern. This street, one of the longest sections of the 6-kilometer-long Berne Arcades, has its main tourist attraction in beautiful medieval buildings with rooftop reddish roofs, as well as several colorful wells with Renaissance figures in the middle of the street and arcas shops under the arcades.

One of the curiosities is the wooden doors that you’ll see in most places, which take you to the rooms in the basement, which used to be warehouses, and which are now bars or shops with a particular charm. An interesting way to explore the city, know any place and book this tour at your own pace is with an audio guide in English. Things to See and Do in Bern

3. Clock Tower

The Clock Tower or Cytg Tower, which is at the beginning of the motorway, is another important place to visit in Bern. This medieval tower, built between 1191 and 1256, was the first western gate of the city, and was used as a women’s prison until he burned out in 1405 to put in 1540 the astronomical calendar clock and a set of figures that starts to run three minutes before every hour.

At 2:30 p.m., you can walk inside with a guide to see the exact mechanism that makes the clocks and figures work. You can book the English tour here.

4. Cathedral of Bern

The cathedral is Switzerland’s highest church, with a tower over 100 meters high, another landmark in Bern. Construction of this late-Gothic building began in 1421 and was only completed in 1893. Before entering the interior, we recommend you take a few minutes to view the impressive portal featuring the recent dish.

Inside, you will climb the 312 steps leading you to the top of the tower, from which you can enjoy an incredible view of the old town and even the snow-covered peaks of the Swiss Alps. Things to See and Do in Bern

5. Town Hall, one of the places to see in Bern

Built between 1406 and 1416, the city hall on Postgasse is another of the most beautiful medieval buildings you can see in Bern. Inside this late-Gothic building, five times a year the Grand Council of the Canton of Bern is being held to manage the city. The exterior features a façade with a multi-column marquee and two staircases. 

6. Swiss Federal Palace

The Swiss Federal Palace, which houses the Parliament of the country, is the most important building to visit in Bern. It is worth remembering that Bern was designated the capital of Switzerland in 1848, and that only four years later it began to build this huge building, which was completed in 1902, whose exterior is impressive with its huge copper dome and Turkish-green color on the walls.

Remember, if you want to visit it, you only get access to its interior with a tour every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. From the rear porch, you can see a bronze model of the castle and view the Swiss Alps and Marziliviertel.

7. Grosser Muristalden

One of the best things you can do in Bern is to cross the Nydeggbridge and walk up the Great Muristaldenstrasse, from where you have a great view of the old town and the Aare.

Before you get to this point of view, you’ll come through the bear park where there are several bears, a landmark of the city, which, as far as we know, is in a better state by upgrading and expanding the facilities. This is also where you’ll find the local Old Tramdepot restaurant, where you can enjoy a great atmosphere and a great meal with a large jug of Craft Beer.

8. Kunstmuseum

The art museum, with more than 3,000 paintings and sculptures, is the most important museum in Bern and one of the most important in Switzerland.

This art museum houses works from the Middle Ages to the presence of great masters like Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Van Gogh, Salvador Dalí or Pollock, among many others. Visit Hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday closes at 9 p.m. and Monday is closed. Things to See and Do in Bern

9. Marzili District

The Marziliquartier, located below the Parliament on the banks of the Aare, is one of the trendiest districts in Bern. The backsides of the beautiful houses facing the Aare, the cafes and designer boutiques and especially the famous Marzili swimming pool are prompting more and more tourists to include this area in their itinerary.

The Marzili bath consists of a large green area with several pools, trampolines, a sunbathing area, dining areas, showers and all services. In addition to having fun in the pools, you can let yourself be carried by the flow of the river and taste a delicious ice cream in the Gelateria di Berna. From this area you can walk up to the old town in one minute with the Marzilibahn cable car, a small cable car that runs every two minutes

10. Einstein House Museum

In the Einsteinhaus-Museum or Einsteinhausl, in Kramgasse 49, the most famous scientist in history, Albert Einstein, lived for more than seven years. During Einstein’s time in Bern, from 1902 to 1909, he developed some of his most important theories that were supposed to revolutionize physics, such as the theory of relativity and its famous formula E = mc².

On the second floor, you can see how Einstein lived with his wife and son and how he kept the furniture of the time, while on the third floor you can find his biography and some original documents. Visiting times: daily from 10:00 to 17:00. Things to See and Do in Bern

Things to do in switzerland in one week.

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